“The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental.”

(Arthur Miller)



the art of theater
theater as art

The theater has always been the center of gravity of my artistic work – both as an art form and as a workplace. But in addition to the theater I’ve also worked with photography and sculpting, in audio and video. And next to the stage I’ve also explored other spaces, both public and private: from abandoned shop windows to industrial sites, from former churches to public transport.


The connecting thread throughout my work is the fascination I feel for those aspects of society and communities that are foreign to me. The attraction of the unknown, the strange. That is how I came to interview devout catholics in Poland about consolation, and both prostitutes and factory workers about sexuality. I interviewed war veterans in former Yugoslavia and three generations of Chinese citizens about their relation with the Cultural Revolution.

Often, those interviews served as the groundwork for a theater play or a performance. This approach is also the reason for the thematic consistency across many of my work: it often deals with how collective crises or conflicts affects the personal lives of individuals. Intergenerational and collective trauma are also recurring themes.