Disco Pigs

This is the story of Swine and Sow. Two youths that have too much energy and use it to raise hell.


They tell their story. Of how they were born and how their howling mothers put each of them on this world with a mere second between them. They made their first vows, bonded for the first time while still in the crib. Swinecity was born. King Swine and Queen Sow want to escape from the rot of a society that doesn’t care for them. They want something better, something of their own. They want to dance, to fly, to drink… and to rule.


Together, they build a royal cage constructed from stories and dreams. Only their love can survive inside that cage. Whoever is on the outside, gets beaten up. Until Swinecity itself begins to crack at the seams.

Disco Pigs was received with broad acclaim. Here’s an example of a review. The Dutch magazine Theatermaker dedicated a spread to this play.


It won Leen Braspenning the BNG Nieuwe Theatermakerprijs. The jury commended Leen for her bold risk taking and for the physicality of the acting. Read more about these accolades here.


That was not the only prize this show was rewarded with. In all, it won three different awards.

Director Leen Braspenning
End Walsh
Cast Marie-Ange Gillis & Dries Beugels
Translation Jeroen Olyslaegers
Music Bruno Op de Beek
Production PAIN Performing Arts International & vzw BRASART
Coaching Tanya Hermsen
With the support of Opendoek vzw