The theater is a living organism. It has a beating heart that can energize whole communities. A brain that can train and thrill both spectators and makers. The stage has a soul that can soothe the players upon it, and tickle all their senses.


As American stage director Margo Jones put it, “Everything in life is theater“. And the other way around. Because every aspect of the theater can be brought to bear on life and its challenges. That is the thinking behind Brasart: to find different ways to wield the power of the theater.

Brasart is the theater project run by me, Leen Braspenning. Over the past couple of decades I have been using theater both as a way of personal artistic expression and as a vehicle for community building. I teach the performing arts and I use the stage as a place to explore mental health issues.


I believe in the power of theater to affect change. It sheds its skin only to reemerge with new power. Like a living body does.


Brasart is constantly developing new ideas
and looking for new ways to harness the power of the theater.


At this very moment, that means setting up a project in former Yugoslavia.
How does generational trauma manifest itself in young people,
and how can the theater help address those issues?

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The theater is an art that can appeal to all the senses. That is an ambition all the plays and performances I directed and produced over the years had in common. Discover my artistic work here.

Theater and heart are anagrams. (Well, almost). That heart of the theater is prominent in a series of performances I created that were inspired by real-life communities. These are my projects that use the theater to repair communities or build new ones.

Theater is a force in its own right, so I hesitate to call it a tool. But still: the stage can be a place for healing. The theater can act as a catalyst to explore mental health issues.

Mastering an art can be as hard as it is rewarding. I was lucky to have inspirational teachers, and I now want to pass on the experience I’ve gathered throughout the years. Because thinking about the theater only makes experiencing it stronger.

If the theater is a living organism, that also means it grows and evolves. My theater certainly did. You can browse my curriculum vitae here.

Synapses are where cells make connections and send messages. Do you want to send a message as well or get in touch? Then consult my contact details here.

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