Dina loves her mother. Her mother works as a prostitute, and that job is taking a physical and a psychological toll on her. Dina doesn’t want to lose her mother and does everything she can to get her to stop working the street.


She is dedicated and determined, but life does not smile gently upon her either. Is she going down the same path as her mother?

Like a lot of my work in the theater, this play was based on observations. And on my dedication to staging stories that allow the spectator to rethink the prejudiced views we have about certain groups of people. Falling back on something you know well in times of duress is a normal thing to do – even when that thing you know intimately is violence or prostitution.


I combined the theme of prostitution with a heart-rending story of the love between a mother and a daughter. That emotional reality also makes it easier for viewers to relate with these characters who might otherwise feel very alien to them.

directed by Leen Braspenning
cast Roos van Vlaenderen, Aza Declercq, David Cantens
produced by Productiehuis Brabant and Brasart
Festival CEMENT Maastricht april ‘09
Festival Boulevard ‘s Hertogenbosch augustus ‘09


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